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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Adventure Comics # 48, March, 1940

 This issue marks the debut of HOURMAN, known at the time as The Hour Man aka "Tick-Tock Tyler" the Hour-Man. Created by Ken Fitch with Bernard Baily, a man who will be a longtime presence in the industry, this newest masked (or in this case hooded) hero's gimmick was that his secret pill, Miraclo, gave him super-strength for only one hour. Many of these early stories actually featured countdown clocks showing when the reader could expect the powers to run out. The character would become a major player in the early JSA stories and was revived on a low level in the sixties.

 SANDMAN still had the lovely Ogden Whitney art.
 Lost in the debut of the new superhero this issue was this new humor strip, THE DIDDLE FAMILY, by Paul Gustavson.

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