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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Adventure Comics # 123, December, 1947

Another bad scan I'm afraid. According to GCD this issue was the first instance of Superboy using his microscopic vision.  For some reason there is no SHINING KNIGHT story in this issue even though Sir Justin is back next time around. The space is filled with more filler one-pagers than usual. 

The story below was the first JOHNNY QUICK story I ever saw, in a reprint from a FLASH ANNUAL in 1966. In fact, just because it is the first one I ever saw, below that is the whole thing from that very FLASH ANNUAL.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Adventure Comics # 122, November, 1947

A good scan this time around and another cover that actually ties in with this issue's story. 

Another example of DC's searching for a new trend, REAL FACT COMICS presented just that, although occasionally a piece such as the wildly fictionalized--to say nothing of self-promotional--THE TRUE STORY OF BATMAN AND ROBIN. Note that the ad namechecks them along with SUPERMAN and even WORLD'S FINEST!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adventure Comics # 121, October, 1947

A very eye-catching cover all around this ish. "Stamps! Coins! Autographs! Superboy collects them all." What, no comic books?

Looks like an original scan wasn't available for the Johnny Quick story for some reason so we get this version from a seventies reprint. Still, such a great Meskin splash.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adventure Comics # 120, September, 1947

The great Jack Burnley returns briefly to ADVENTURE with this cover. 

Foreshadowing the seventies when DC office guys were known as junior woodchucks, here's another of the alphabet ads.

Clark kent's future boss, Perry White, appears here in his cub reporter days, presaging a rash of Superboy tales over the years in which he meets familiar faces in younger days.

Here's a fun and very atypical AQUAMAN story! He enrolls in college on land as "Mr. Waterman." Art by regular artist at the time, Louis Cazeneuve

A great ad for Howie Post's JIMMINY series!

Red Ryder's been on the back cover so much, one might almost consider him an ADVENTURE regular, also.