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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adventure Comics # 264, September, 1959

As you can see, Superboy gets yet another rival from space story...already!

ROBIN HOOD had actually had his own DC comic briefly. This issue he teams with his de facto descendant, Green Arrow, and the story even gets a cover plug!

How about that nasty editor putdown of a fan in the letter column, though? Really, Uncle Mort!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Adventure Comics # 263, August, 1959

Not much going on here this month, A fun Superboy story, though. Meanwhile, in the real world, this was the month George "Superman" Reeves died.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adventure Comics # 262, July, 1959

A good issue all around, starting with this good Curt Swan cover. The mere fact that Krypto was appearing on more and more covers--and more and more prominently on them--goes to his apparent ability to sell the mag.

Note the letter that suggests a Superboy appearance on TV's ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. The response indicates that as a possibility. At this time the series final episode had been more than a year earlier. There was, however, supposedly talk of doing new episodes but a month later that would be moot as George Reeves would be dead. After that, they really did attempt to bring Superboy to the small screen.

Bizarro is back, still far from the lovable goof who would soon inhabit ADVENTURE but getting closer.

Here's some top-notch artwork from Lee Elias on the never before told tale of GA's first meeting with Speedy.

Finally, smoking gags!!?? Times have changed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adventure Comics # 261, June, 1959

Eleven years earlier, we had a story in which Superboy met Lois Lane. Here we have an entirely different story of how Superboy met Lois Lane. One could argue that the previous one, since it was still in the Golden Age, was the Earth 2 Superboy...except that there was no Earth 2 Superboy.

In related news, a letter writer suggests that Superboy meet Jimmy Olsen when he was a baby, also something we've a;ready seen a few years earlier. The response is that that's a good idea!

Tying the whole thing up--sort of--is an ad in which we have SuperMAN but with a baby Lois!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventure Comics # 260, May, 1959

Here we have "Another Super-Kid in Town" variation 15. I remember this one from its sixties reprint.

This issue's big story, however, is the story of "How Aquaman Got His Powers." I remember this one from its seventies reprint. 

Wow, that really must have been some deal Palisades Park had with Superman/DC.

And we top it all off with, Green Arrow's new partner, variation 9. (And we wondered what drove Speedy to his drug addiction!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Adventure Comics # 259, April, 1959

Seems odd visualizing that I was now alive somewhere in the world when this issue hit the stands. It would still be about 7 years before I'd discover ADVENTURE COMICS but from this point on, it was inevitable that I would!

The real story this month, though, was over in ACTION COMICS. By this point, longtime readers had seen half a dozen or more "super-girls" in the Super titles. This one, from the beginning, was meant to stick...and stick she would, for more than 25 years!

This issue repeats yet another variation on the "How does Aquaman do what he does?" letters and that sets up next issue's revised origin story.

Finally, let's take  alook at some of that sweet Lee Elias artwork on GA. The artist just seemed to get better and better with his final work appearing in very late Warren titles. He would become a much respected instructor at the Kubert School, also.