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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adventure Comics # 389, February, 1970

More boyfriend antics in this issue. We lose Jack Abel as inker on Mortimer, though, which really gives his art a chance to shine. He'd been around three decades already but really had a bit of a career renaissance in the early to mid-seventies.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Adventure Comics # 388, January, 1970

The cover story is yet another "romance" for Supergirl. In an interesting marketing move, the other story continues from last issue while the cover story continues into the next issue. 

Not sure which audience the inside cover ad was attempting to reach but the chosen titles cover a lot of ground.

The issue of DC SPECIAL advertised below is generally the one forgotten by even the most hardcore fans when discussing that great silver age reprint series.

That first letter...!!?? John Boehner???!!!! Could it be? Well..probably not as all of the Congressman's official bios indicate that he lived his entire life in Ohio, not Illinois. Still...

A tad word-heavy--to put it mildly--but nonetheless a memorable ad during a time when DC's once-vaunted house ads weren't generally that good.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adventure Comics # 387, December, 1969

Here we get part one of  a two-parter with Lex's sister's kid becoming his unwitting criminal cohort. Lena Thorul's appearances were almost always confined to Supergirl stories if I recall correctly. She supposedly didn't know that her brother was the word's biggest villain in spite of having ESP.

The first story, here, though, is yet another old fashioned "Red K" style story, in this case with our heroine changing--apparently just from the waist up, into a werewolf of sorts. A twist ending featuring Superman makes it all better.

This Jim Mooney page seems to have been reprinted from a 1961 ACTION issue.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adventure Comics # 386, November, 1969

Perhaps the silliest SUPERGIRL story ever and yet it still falls in with the pattern we mentioned earlier.

Batman and Superman were here announcing the coming of a new children's show on which they would appear--SESAME STREET. Not sure what happened but they certainly never appeared much. Although way too old to be the target audience, I watched regularly just to catch them and only once did I do so!

ABC's cartoon shows that year weren't amazingly memorable but their ad campaign was. I still have my Super Saturday Club stuff!

Another truly terrible tale that smacks of bad Lois Lane reruns, good artwork and all. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Adventure Comics # 385, October, 1969

Already by this point, the formula seems established. It won't last too long. Rivals and boyfriends. They weren't so much playing it as a superhero book but as a teenage romance with sci-fi overtones.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adventure Comics # 384, September, 1969

In the real world, Neil and Buzz were probably walking on the Moon when this ish was on the stands. In the comic, Supergirl travels to a distant planet to meet her "perfect mate." When she gets there, she finds it to be a very sexist planet, though. That isn't the worst of her issues even! In the end she finds the perfect boy for her is actually a girl! The heroine had to disguise herself as a male to avoid the same sexism Supergirl had encountered!

As always lately, we also get a more old-fashioned tale of the maid of Might.

Someone suggests a costume change here. Little do they realize the can of worms they are opening in doing so.