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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adventure Comics # 384, September, 1969

In the real world, Neil and Buzz were probably walking on the Moon when this ish was on the stands. In the comic, Supergirl travels to a distant planet to meet her "perfect mate." When she gets there, she finds it to be a very sexist planet, though. That isn't the worst of her issues even! In the end she finds the perfect boy for her is actually a girl! The heroine had to disguise herself as a male to avoid the same sexism Supergirl had encountered!

As always lately, we also get a more old-fashioned tale of the maid of Might.

Someone suggests a costume change here. Little do they realize the can of worms they are opening in doing so.

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  1. Hello Steven,

    I always thought Adventure #384 was pretty progressive for a story written in 1969. After Mike Sekowosky took over the book, many of the romantic stories came to an end and the stories took a more serious tone.