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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adventure Comics # 102, February/March, 1946

It really wasn't fair to the readers in those days. There were no fanzines, no websites, not even any kind of real marketing/networking within fan clubs. No one who bought this issue would have had any way of knowing that it would mark the last issue of ADVENTURE as they had come to know it. We start with a pretty good pseudo-Kirby cover with Sandman and Sandy, complete with Starman up in his usual corner spot...both for the last time.

GCD attributes this last Golden Age Sandman tale to Gil Kane and Marvin Stein. It's a pretty good one compared to what we've seen in recent issues so we're presenting the whole thing here.

And here's the splash for the final STARMAN adventure, again with Gershwin at the artistic helm. 

Next issue THIS is the only guy who'll still be here! Who'da thunk it!?

With the war over and the servicemen returning home, the market for superheroes was perceived as thinning drastically if not dying out completely. Below is an ad from this issue for two new DC titles--a non-fiction title and a funny animal title. Like other companies, DC was looking for the next big thing by this point. 

This was hardly the end of GENIUS JONES, however, as his semi-hero antics were simply about to move to the pages of MORE FUN COMICS...while that title's heroes moved in here and settled for a long run! Check back tomorrow to meet them!

This guy didn't stand a chance with the war over.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventure Comics # 101, December/January, 1945

GCD says this issue's SANDMAN, his penultimate Golden Age appearance, is drawn by Gil Kane. 

A rip-off of Jimmy Hatlo's popular THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME feature, KAFLOPPOS was also in MORE FUN COMICS at this same time.

An interesting new educational filler, not listed on GCD at all. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adventure Comics # 100, October/November, 1945

Here we are at issue # 100. Unlike in later years, there was no special celebration. Just more of teh same we've had recently. A weird Sandman cover, though!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adventure Comics # 99, August/September, 1945

Most likely this issue was on the stands in early June of 1945. The war in Europe was technically over but the struggle against the Japanese continued. The birth of the atomic age was just around the corner at Hiroshima. Big changes were coming. Big changes were coming for ADVENTURE COMICS, also. In fact, only two of these strips would survive past the next couple of issues and then only one of them would remain in this title...and I'd bet it's NOT one you'd suspect!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adventure Comics # 98, June/July, 1945

Perhaps the worst issue yet as far as art and story entertainment value go. SANDMAN in particular is not easy to navigate this time around.

GENIUS JONES again comes up with the best art but that's not saying much in this crowd. 

 Interesting to note yet another ad aimed quite literally at boys... followed up in this case by a full-page ad aimed--in spite of that "It's gay" line--at girls! Someone at least seemed to realize that girls read superhero comic books, too!