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Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Adventure Comics # 14, March, 1937

Creators in NEW ADVENTURE at this time (or just plain NEW COMICS as it was still technically in the indicia), include Whitney Ellsworth, Homer Fleming, Ellis Edwards, Creig Flessel, Sven Elven, Ed Winiarski, Alger (Russell Cole), Stan Randall, Henry Jay, Alex Anthony Blum, H.C. Kiefer, Joe Donohue, Munson Paddock, Tom Hickey, Will Carney, Bill Patrick, Bob Hermans, Merna Gamble and, of course, Joe Shuster.  
What th...??!!

 Okay, now there's something one doesn't expect to see in a comic book marketed to kids way back in the 1930's.
 And this is interesting. Two issues ago, we ran an ad for this first issue of DETECTIVE COMICS. I didn't notice that it was early. The date on that ad's cover read, December, 1936. But this ad...two months later...reads March, 1937! Apparently the title was delayed!


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  1. Well, that's the first adventure-oriented cover. They might think about other artists for that direction...