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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adventure Comics # 274, July, 1960

This is quite a good Superboy story  and the alien in it looks enough like a gorilla that sales were probably good. 

GL gets his own mag and was, as we saw from an earlier ad, already appearing in JLA stories, too.

Aqua-QUEEN? Not yet. Not really. Mera was still a ways away.

A letter here praises "last issue's" Superboy meets Supergirl story and suggests that the editors do a teenage Bruce Wayne meets young  Clark Kent story. We are assured that such a story is coming up in the next issue...which it is. Unfortunately, the Superboy meets Supergirl hasn't run at all yet and is still a few issues after this! Another letter completely made up to plug the following month's story?


  1. I guess a Smallville Mailsack was a Smallville Mailsack to Mort Weisinger, but the letter writer probably meant her comment for SUPERBOY--he met Supergirl in #80, April 1960.

  2. Nice catch on the letters "to" the editor there Steve.