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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Adventure Comics # 399, November, 1970

Forgot to mention the new logo last issue emphasizing Supergirl. I guess because we still had the old Supergirl there on the cover. This issue gets us the first real new Supergirl over and logo together. 

I think I still have one of these.

Black Canary makes her first appearance on ADVENTURE with this previously unpublished Kanigher/ Infantino/Sachs Golden Age story. She'll be back soon enough.  


  1. Great way to start the New Year, with a "Lost" Black Canary, and nearly getting to NUMBER 400 the next day!!!

    Won't be long sometime in 2003 to ended this blog when you make it to NUMBER 500!!!

  2. Steve,
    Re: "this previously unpublished Kanigher/ Infantino/Sachs Golden Age story."

    As with "Special Delivery Death" in DC Special #3 (April-June 1969), presumably "Television Told the Tale" was created for Flash Comics #s 105 or 106 in 1948. We waited a long time for these treats!
    Keep up the good work!