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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adventure Comics # 397, September, 1970

This issue must have been a major culture shock at the time. Not to me. I had given up the title a few issues earlier and wouldn't pick it up again until issue 400. 

Mike Sekowsky had been a comics artist for two decades by this point but the powers that be had recently put him in charge of WONDER WOMAN and THE METAL MEN as Editor/Writer/Artist. The results were...different. Different enough I guess to throw Supergirl into that mix. New supporting characters and a new costume--the first of several soon to come.

My friend Terry had this poster. "Life-Size?" It was a poster about 4 feet high. Kinda small for a life-size monster.


  1. Great job of showing the entire Zond story, since DC is dumb enough to omitted that when they compiled the period Diana Prince was powerless into a great collection set, "Diana Prince: Wonder Woman", compared to the other guest appearances she did during that time!!!

  2. Hey, I just discovered your blog here, and I'm enjoying it a lot! This issue #397 happened to be one of the very first comics I ever got, when I was very young, and it means a lot to me. It gave me a huge crush on Supergirl, and as ridiculous as many of these stories (in this and following issues) may be, they still evoke some really deep emotions in me. In retrospect I find Mike Sekowsky's work *uneven* and often disappointing in layouts especially, but I can also see how bold he was in changing the overall tone and style of Supergirl stories from what they had been. It is an interesting coincidence that this issue just happened to be my introduction to to Adventure. Thanks for this blog; you'll probably see more comments from me soon.

  3. Thanks, D! Glad you're enjoying it. Check out the companion WORLD'S FINEST blog as well. It finishes that title's original run this Saturday!

  4. I remember that ad, but having that monster poster on my wall would have scared the crap out of me (and caused a lot of sleepless nights). I had a night light back then, and I can just imagine it playing eerily over that poster (yes, I wasn't exactly superhero material).

  5. Thanks a million times to include the entire issue! It was in 1970 that all Comics stopped coming to my country,entering it once more only after April 2003.Thanks for bringing back to me the opportunity to enjoy what I should have enjoyed 47years ago.God bless you! I wish I had known about all this earlier! God bless you Amen