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Friday, September 14, 2012

Adventure Comics # 298, July, 1962

Wow. Talk about politically incorrect. An awful lot of kids reading this were probably overweight and this story making fun of same could have been very traumatic for some. Yeesh!

Here we just had the Editors saying that the TALES OF THE BIZARRO WORLD series had increased sales higher than ever and now this letters page goes on at length about whether a TALES OF THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES series should perhaps take its place! Supposedly the result would be announced next issue. The problem with that is that, in hindsight, we know the LSH take up residence only two issues from now so that first story pretty much had to have been done by this point. 

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  1. 1. Someone put a cyclotron next to the milk factory, or someone put a milk factory next to the cyclotron.
    2. There's probably only several things that can go wrong with setting a fire in a crowded stadium when the crowd is largely composed of the newly endomorphic, something about panic and smoke inhalation and jammed fire exits and an inability to move with alacrity, but I can't think of any.
    3. Why can't the Smallville Bank launch its own Christmas Club drive? It's 1947--the Depression is over.
    4. Thanks for posting this, Booksteve; I hope you're doing well.