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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adventure Comics # 32, November, 1938

Okay, this is it! No longer NEW or NEW ADVENTURE, the next nearly 40+ years and nearly 500 issues will be just plain ADVENTURE! Other than that, however, we're still a few issues away from the first big change. Note the ad below, though, highlighting the masked CRIMSON AVENGER, a pulp-inspired hero already appearing in DETECTIVE COMICS. This, of course, was a harbinger of things to come.

In this issue, the serious strips far outnumber the humorous ones. The former include:
BARRY O'NEILL, TOM BRENT, FEDERAL MEN, DALE DARING, CAPTAIN DESMO, TOD HUNTER, THE GOLDEN DRAGON, RUSTY & HIS PALS and ANCHORS AWEIGH, most taking up 3-4 pages. Many were still in two colors or black and white.

Long before the Comics Code, these stories would occasionally get quite violent!

 Even the humorous stories could be violent!

Masks, hoods and villains with colorful names were becoming the norm in the stories even though many of them were still the evil Orientals at this stage.

This was the one new strip this time around. Meanwhile, OL' OZ BOPP which has appeared for quite a run, finishes with this issue. 

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