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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adventure Comics # 114, March, 1947

Reversed for the splash panel, this fun Superboy cover goes to a clever story about a  spelling contest.

LITTLE ARTHUR? Not the same as the later SUGAR & SPIKE character, this is a single page filler by Phil Berube, one of the great sports cartoonists, Berube started doing filler like this in 1945 and continued until about 1950.

"Quagga?" Man, they're really pushing this, aren't they?

After some stylish 2/3 splashes for he three above series, we return to the big wasted space GA logo for this one.

At least it has another weird villain--this one a sharp-nosed, bird-based criminal. It's beginning to look like the GREEN ARROW scripters are recycling old BATMAN stories in more ways than one. 

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