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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Adventure Comics # 22, December, 1937

Another great Flessel cover on yet another Christmas issue. Inside, we even get an editorial Christmas wish spotlighting all three of the Major's comics--MORE FUN, ADVENTURE and DETECTIVE. 

 G-WOMAN is another long strip with giant, often full-page, panels. Seen here is the first page and the last page, the latter interesting in that for no apparent reason there's a Lionel Train ad in the upper right hand corner!

 DON COYOTE has been a regular feature all along and has long since become one of the better strips both in art and story, I alternated between color and black and white from issue to issue. .

Above is a tongue-in-cheek cartoon featured in this issue's movie review pages.

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  1. "G-Woman" looks like a G-rated "Sally the Sleuth" to me...