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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adventure Comics # 465, October, 1979

A busy but nicely designed cover with some nice Aparo art. And a cool STAR TREK ad on the flip side of it. We were al SO excited about this picture but wold have to wait until ST 2 for what we really wanted. I got Persis Khambatta's autograph, though.

Really nice art for Deadman.

A nice, long JSA story with lots more heroes than last time.

Here's a bit of a summary of the convoluted continuity of the regular FLASH comic. Makes the simple stories found here in ADVENTURE all the more appreciated.


  1. The ads are back, costing us the Wonder Woman back-up...just when it was starting to get good.

  2. ....and here's the second ADVENTURE issue I picked up when it first appeared. Maybe I'm looking at it though rose-colored glasses, but this had some great stories. An intriguing Flash tale, an interesting Aquaman story, a really strong Deadman tale (who always worked the best dealing with personal human dramas) and a fantastic JSA tale, again a more personal non-cosmic tale which the JSA seemed better pulling off than the JLA could.
    (Also, re: the events that were happening in The Flash's regular title at this time; I picked up the issue just before Iris' death; having absolutely no clue what was about to happen. The end of that issue showed Yorkin stalking Iris and when I saw this ad I automatically assumed it was Yorkin who killed her! It wouldn't be till FLASH #300 that I would learn who Iris' real killer was...but that's another story...