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Friday, March 8, 2013

Adventure Comics # 464, August, 1979

Another particularly good issue. Good stores all around with Deaman's being a big full-length Conway/Aparo one originally scheduled for SHOWCASE. Because of that, the JSA story is actually a Wildcat solo short. Heck continues his good work on FLASH while Don Newton takes over AQUAMAN to fine effect and Jose Delbo, one of the major WW artists of the era, takes over on WONDER WOMAN.

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  1. Another good issue...but not a lot to say about it. The Deadman tale was recycled from the never published SHOWCASE #105 but it; and we get one more story with Aparo art! A quieter more personal JSA tale with Wildcat taking center stage after too long being sidelined due to his injuries. A decent Flash tale with Barry finally facing off with one of his arch enemies and okay WW and Aquaman tales (the latter with Don Newton art again).
    Again, a good issue but not that memorable...