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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adventure Comics # 463, June, 1979

A nice, busy wraparound cover starts off a good solid issue of enjoyable stories and art. The closest thing to anything special is the JSA tale wherein Doctor Fate intervenes to answer the nagging question of the late Batman's identity being revealed. Wonder Woman finally gets some new and better art. Note also the Statement of Ownership in which we see the number of printed copies of ADVENTURE has fallen drastically in the previous twelve months.


  1. So, the next issue will featured Deadman in a story that was to be planned for Showcase, but, instead getting reprinted from Cancelled Comic Cavalcade!!! Can hardly wait for that!!!

  2. I have enjoyed your posts on this comic book. I started reading it during the Spectre stint and moved through the Aquaman series as well and looked forward to reading it, but lost interest during the Superboy months and never even picked up one of the Dollar comics. It just seemed like they couldn't decide what to do and really didn't give anything a chance to stick. That was how I felt back then anyway. Apparently, judging by the statement of ownership report, others felt the same way.

  3. Okay, so I goofed in my previous post; THIS is the final chapters of the Deadman and Aquaman tales; still not thrilled with Garcia-Lopez and Heck's art on either of them.
    The wrap-up to "The Death of Batman" trilogy was okay but I question why Vaux used Jensen to kill Batman when he just went after The JSA directly.
    The Flash and Wonder Woman stories were standard for the 1970s; interesting premises, good execution, but as you said, nothing special...although Staton's art on WW is a welcome change. I've always believed that bad art cripples a story know matter how good the story it is, but good art will salvage a mediocre story. That's definitely the case here.

  4. I had this issue when I was a kid! Later on I sort of grew to dislike Don Heck, but he's really not that bad of an artist... This was a good issue.