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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adventure Comics # 413, December, 1971

This is the beginning of another pretty good period for ADVENTURE. The robot inside bears little resemblance to Oksner's cover but the interior art by Saaf and Oksner is very stylized and very fun, offering not just a nifty costume but a surprising glimpse of Linda in her undies! The new writer is John Albano, best remembered for JONAH HEX. Despite the downbeat ending, it's a kind of fun story so here 'tis in its entirety. 

Hawkman reprints from the Silver Age and Robotman reprints from the Golden Age are now supplementing the book, giving it a true anthology feel again. 

The real treat, though, is Zatanna in her own story for the first time ever, written by Len Wein and with impressive art from the great Gray Morrow. Should you wish to see all of this first part of the Zatanna tale, head on over to our sister blog, SHADES OF GRAY!

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