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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adventure Comics # 368, May, 1968

More coasting, more revolting girls, another nice Adamscover  and some nice interior Swan/Klein art. 

Since ADVENTURE never did get its own 80 Page Giant in the Silver Age, it was left to a SUPERBOY 80 Page Giant to reprint the Death of Lightning Lad saga previously published here.

Ultra Boy proves to be the winner of the election for new Legion leader amongst the fans in the letters column of recent issues. 

Unfortunately, 1968 would prove to me to be the year that many DC titles "jumped the shark."Among those I found myself liking less and less were the two seen here, THE ATOM and CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN.

Even the TV shows weren't quite as good as they had been just a season earlier. I was not a big fan of THE INVADERS.


  1. Since we're dealing with the Legion Adventure Comics stories, I'm surprised you didn't mention that Superboy #147 also included the all new, first-told origin of the Legion.

  2. Superboy #147 did indeed contain "The Origin of the Legion", but the Lightning Lad death-and-reanimation saga wasn't reprinted until 1971, three years later, in Adventure #403.
    And, while I'm at it, the art in Adventure #348 wasn't done by Curt Swan but by George Papp.
    BookSteve, did you get the double-sawbuck I sent you?


  3. I also meant to add that Adventure #368 was the last Legion story inked by the great George Klein, who Wikipedia says died the following year, though nobody ever talks about the "Curse of the Legion", which also claimed John Forte in 1965.

  4. I did get the donation. Thanx so much!

    I already had Papp down for # 348.

    As far as the SUPERBOY issue, I was totally and completely mis-remembering it. My own rule for research is even if you KNOW the material, doublecheck it before you put it in writing. This was a good example of me not following that rule. We'll follow up on this in the next day or two. Thanks for the heads-up, guys!