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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adventure Comics # 334, July, 1965

Here we are with another mystery legionnaire tale, this one not playing fair in that we find out that the person under the metal mask is actually on this cover already. The last two pages of the story are here, also, complete with convoluted explanations. The letters page acknowledges artist Forte's illness but at that time it appeared to have become less of an issue.


  1. Booksteve, I'm a bit confused--since the Unknown Legionnaire pictured is just a statue (and not the original), why would it be cheating to put Supergirl on the cover? I think the misleading part is Brainiac 5 both claiming to know who she is and referring to her as "he".

  2. What I'm wondering is, if that was a "real" statue, wouldn't it have been sculpted with the mask as its actual head, and no face -- or anything else -- under it? I never heard of a statue which could be unmasked, or otherwise undressed!