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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adventure Comics # 330, March, 1965

We meet yet another new Legionnaire, Dynamo Boy, but this one's a baddie and, in fact, continues into the next issue as such.  Swan continues on covers and Mooney's well-done but slightly off-model characters continue inside. 


  1. Thanks, Booksteve!
    You can always tell the antagonists in the Weisingerverse--they frown when they smile; I won't be applying this test during tonight's debate.
    I know Thompson is a fairly common name, but are you any relation to Maggie and the late Don Thompson?

  2. Nope. I've gotten that question off and on since the seventies. My mother's name was Maggie and Don and Maggie's son is named Stephen. He is not me. In fact, I asked him recently if he ever got confused with ME. He said no. Burst my little bubble of fame there.

    I got to meet Don in person once and Maggie and their daughter Valerie are Facebook pals relation.