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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventure Comics # 286, July, 1961

Interesting things to note this issue--All the ads for reprint Giants which are the same size regular issues used to be! Also note the gushing praise for the Bizarro series in the letters column, even though the previous issue that had featured the first installment wouldn't have even hit the stands yet when this one was put together. Notable also is the ad for the first Adult Legion story...even though it is the Legion of Super Villains, not Heroes! Finally, with Jerry Siegel once again writing, John Forte is introduced as what will become the major artist on the series.


  1. Booksteve,I really enjoy "Days of Adventure", and I've praised you for it before, so I don't feel as bad pointing out 2 small errors in today's commentary:
    I've read elsewhere (I think in "All in Color for a Dime") that the "Giant" DC reprint compilations of the 60's contained just as many pages for a quarter that one used to get standard for a dime; well, I just went thru the first 75 issues of the "Detective Comics" entry in the GCD (hey, it's Sunday), and learned that DC's flagship franchise never contained more than 68 pages (64 interior and 4 pages of cover) until June of '43, when the pagecount dropped to 60. Action Comics? First 60 issues had 68 pages, also reduced to 60 in June, '43. All 3 of the "Giants" advertised in this issue carried 84 pages (though it is true that "Giant" compilations dropped to 68 later in the decade).
    Also, Superman #147 did present the first appearance of the adult Legion of Super-Heroes (Cosmic Man, Saturn Woman and Lightning Man) but Mort just chose not to feature it/them on the cover.
    I'm still looking forward to the Legion,and I hope you are well.

  2. You are correct on page counts and that would have been easy enough for me to check. My fault.

    I did know about the Adult Legion's brief appearance in that Superman story. I was simply referring to the ad. Badly worded perhaps. Again, sorry.

    1. Man, you're fast.
      No need to apologize for making me learn something (ok, it's trivial, but I learned something), just keep up the good work.