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Monday, February 13, 2012

Adventure Comics # 97, April-May, 1945

A fairly exciting cover but another less than exciting issue. The lack of backgrounds seems to be spreading to other strips from STARMAN.

A few days from Valentines Day, however, here's Pen Shumaker's version of the Simon and Kirby Sandman and Sandy in NO CURTAINS FOR CUPID which would have been on the stands for Valentines Day in 1945.

VOLTO ads, seen above, were often better drawn (here by Al Plastino channeling Caniff I believe) than the comics they graced for years. 

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  1. Damn i love this Pen Shumaker style, it's like a more cartoonish simon and kirby style. Great stuff, very fun and dynamic, too bad most of his very few issues collaborations are in fiche quality.