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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adventure Comics # 78, September, 1942

Here's a vintage WWII propaganda cover akin to the all-star superhero covers Timely always had. Manhunter teams with Sandman and Sandy to fight the Axis. 

This issue Starman teams with a persistent young lad in what appears to be a story setting him up to be Starboy or some such but nothing ever comes of it and he's never seen again. 

Not sure why I didn't notice this before but one of DC's Advisory Board members was a Dr. Robert Thorndike...and Minute Man Martin was replaced as Hourman's young sidekick by...Thorndyke! Coincidence?

The one-off SAM THE INVENTOR strip shows just how accepted visual racial stereotypes still were at this point. Underneath it, the first ad for WONDER WOMAN.

Kirby and Simon seemed at a loss sometimes as to exactly what their MANHUNTER was supposed to look like. Here we see a couple of obvious instances of Paul Kirk in a red mask with, for some reason, a blue face. The rest of the story, however, features his usual full blue face which, since his ears are colored normally, one presumes to be some sort of mask, also.

Note the amazing gift to "COMIC" readers!

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