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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adventure Comics # 479, March, 1981

With Jack C. Harris now as Editor, ADVENTURE returns after a brief hiatus as a showcase for the revamped DIAL "H" FOR HERO concept. In the sixties version, young Robby Reed found a dial that gave him a chance to turn into a new superhero every few pages. It was a fun wish-fulfillment concept. So here it is again cranked up a notch with both a boy and a girl with a dial and the revival of the Katy Keene concept of having the fans send in new fashions...or in this case heroes!

Former DC head honcho Carmine Infantino returns to being an artist in order to illustrate the series, although it's far from his best work.

Note the creator of The Silver Fog, one Harlan Ellison, age 46.

Originally solicited through fan circles, here's the official form where one can submit hero ideas.

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