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Friday, March 22, 2013

Adventure Comics # 478, December, 1980

Well, this was it. With this issue, after 478 issues, ADVENTURE COMICS was canceled...for like a month or three. The connected fans who read TBG, TCR and TCJ all knew this by the time the book arrived but there's nothing in the book to indicate it other than the notes at the end of each story telling the reader to follow Aquaman in ACTION, Plas in SUPER FRIENDS and Starman in some possible future issue of DC PRESENTS.

A fun Marx Brothers story from "Pesky" Pasko and his great Plastic cohorts. 

And again, OJ as a sports hero. These were different times. 

At this point, ADVENTURE COMICS took a brief break and was gone for three months...but we'll be back tomorrow with that March, 1981 issue. 

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