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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adventure Comics # 446, August, 1976

A month before the country's Bicentennial, this issue offers up a busier than normal cover, nearly crowding out the cover illustration.

In spite of its nifty retro-cover, the Superman Bicentennial Salute was a major disappointment, focusing on cheap reprints of inaccurate historical features such as the long-gone TOMAHAWK.

Always cool to find Jack Davis in a DC comic, even if it's just a back cover ad.


  1. I won one of those Superman belt buckles at the Super DC Con in New York that year; I tied for second in the trivia quiz (beaten by Richard Morrissey), and E. Nelson Bridwell awarded me the consolation prize buckle

  2. I wanted to send away for the belt buckle, but at age 8, my allowance could never cover that many comics! Oddly, my father didn't want to give me the money....a whole $7.50!

  3. So sorry to read that the Super Bicentennial Salute was such a disappointment for you, Steven (me, I spared myself that; I skipped it entirely from my collecting!) but I thought I would find, here, your impressions about this great issue of Adventure itself, which started what was to become a major story arc with huge repercussions in Aquaman's own mythos... Not just a comment about the cover...?

    Likewise, I never cared much for those belt buckles either...
    (A wrestling championship belt? Maybe... But not Supes'...)

    Great blog here, regardless, of course!