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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adventure Comics # 445, June, 1976

DC didn't mention it last issue so I failed to notice it as well but prices went up a whole nickel to 30 cents! The Creeper at least gets the cover billing that was for some reason denied the law's Legionnaires series that just ended.

My FB friend Marty Pasko wrote this pretty good Creeper debut story but for some reason--editorial instruction?--artists Ric Estrada and Joe Staton (another FB friend) chose to do imitation Ditko artwork.  It certainly isn't bad but they, of course, aren't Ditko. Would have been nice to see a more original take if they couldn't get Steve himself on the art.


  1. Joe Staton maybe no Ditko, but, he does a pretty great Dick Tracy lately (And, I'm truly is a fan of Dick, being lived close to Pawnee where he was born)! You should've seen the recent Broadway Bates storyline, which paid a homage to a certain bat-villian!!!

  2. I did see it! Loving Joe on TRACY! Such an unexpectedly good fit!