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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adventure Comics # 421, July, 1972

With the shrinking of the title, it looks like all was forgiven as far as Mike Sekowsky was concerned...but I'm not sure why. I'm actually a Sekowsky fan but I can't help but see his Supergirl art (and stories) as some of his worst work. And Oksner's inks are completely unsuited to Mike's pencils.

What a messy full-page panel...and a stupid-looking outfit that looks like the artist was attempting to design it Kirby-style.

And what's with this position?

Zatanna is finally back but with deadly dull artwork.

Another letter this month from Dave (no relation) Thompson as well as one from Ron Fortier, himself later a comics writer and someone with whom a share a number of Facebook friends today.


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