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Monday, January 21, 2013

Adventure Comics # 419, May, 1972

An attention-grabbing cover for sure. The story this ish hasTony DeZuniga, known for his work as an inker, penciling for inks by Bob Oksner, known for his work as a penciler. An interesting and not terrible experiment but not a favorite combo of mine. Tony threw in a little Linda cheesecake even!


Letters this month from soon-to-be comics scribes Paul Kupperberg (a longtime Facebook friend) and David Michelinie who apparently lived just downriver from me. Looks like Carol Strickland maintained her comics connection as well--- 

Great art by Dick Giordano here buy hardly a great first page. Dick and Gray Morrow were similarly trading off on ROSE & THE THORN around this same time over in LOIS LANE.

KIRBY UNLEASHED was a great tribute to the King who was already being dissed by his DC bosses to some extent.

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  1. I noticed Paul Kupperberg letter posted in the letter page. I wonder if it's the same Paul Kupperberg who would end up working at DC comics years later? I loved the early Sekowsky work on Supergirl. I believe he brought the character out of Superman's shadow and made the character more mature.