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Friday, February 24, 2012

Adventure Comics # 108, September, 1946

An unusual cover that literally could have been used as a safety poster. 

Note below that the indicia--that thing at the bottom of the page with information on what you're reading and who published it--is now on the bottom of the first page rather than the bottom of the inside front cover. Eventually, this would become industry standard for decades but at this point, it must have seemed a little odd to any readers who actually noticed it.

Here's a lovely splash for Johnny Quick with artist Mort Meskin seemingly having great fun on this character.

Early attempts at branding in the post-war world. More comics than ever covering more subjects than ever and yet no one really seemed to have much of an DC decided they would. Note the presence of BOY COMMANDOS, said to have actually outsold SUPERMAN for a time.

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