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Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Adventure Comics # 25, March/April, 1938

 Flessel continues apace with the covers but note what's new below--Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is no longer listed as Publisher/Editor nor is Vin Sullivan listed as Associate Editor. Things were changing...although the contents here certainly didn't show that yet.
Okay so Siegel and Shuster had their version of DICK TRACY---now they wanted to have fun with it! JUNIOR FEDERAL MEN OF THE FUTURE is another sci-fi outing and a real treat!

 Above and below, a couple of new features, both with beautiful, if very, very different cartooning.

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  1. Heroes of History: We love these educational pages from Golden Age comic books. The industry really should bring these back. It would be an improvement over the so-called 'extras' they slap into the back of books these days. The editorial slant on this one - the propaganda function - is pretty heavy, though. A white guy from Europe is a hero for murdering people because they live in a city from his fairy tale book?