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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adventure Comics # 350, November, 1966

Here we have part one of my very favorite LSH story. Recently arrived E. Nelson Bridwell, a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of comic book history, takes over briefly as writer and really shows his stuff! Lots of references to previous continuity, a few in-jokes, new characters and a genuinely interesting plot. Curt Swan brings some continuity by continuing on the art.

Chameleon Boy, highlighted with a bio elsewhere in the issue, breaks the 4th wall for a jab at Marvel.

Duro Damsel bizarrely gifts Superboy with a model of the computer villain which just a few issues back KILLED her third self!! How weird is that!?

Batman continues to be big...especially when it came to JLA covers of the day!

I had a Thingmaker! I'm beginning to think comic book ads dictated my toy interests more than even TV commercials.

Another Chic Stone AMT ad tops the premiere of DC's first actual revival of PLASTIC MAN.

More Chic Stone ad art! I didn't realize it at the time but I saw more of his work in ads than I did in comics!

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