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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Adventure Comics # 458, August, 1978

By this point, it looks so completely like the title of the mag is SUPERBOY that it's hard to believe it's about to be gone after this month's issue.

Geez. Aquaman again! He has just about as much legit claim to being the overall star of ADVENTURE as Superboy does! And they'll both be back yet again!

I still have all the issues of DC's DIRECT CURRENTS newsletter.

Ah, the fabled DC Explosion is here! Soon to be followed by the infamous DC IM-plosion! By switching to the Dollar Comic format, ADVENTURE pretty much missed all the mess involved.

Note that we finally get to see the DEADMAN series next issue, noted here as "the most requested series in ADVENTURE history."

Up next! This looked SO exciting to me at the time as I recall!

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  1. I bought this issue JUST for that full-page Dollar Comic ad. It was exciting, indeed! Why they didn't leave the explosion on the actual cover I'll never know...