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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adventure Comics # 426, March, 1973

Keeping one foot in the costumed hero field, this issue's cover spotlights another new, modern Vigilante adventure. Also cover-featured is THE ADVENTURER'S CLUB, with it's "Commander McBragg" type lead setting up a few dullish adventures with good Jim Aparo art. Aparo will be a fixture at Adventure through several features for a while now. 

Just because we lost Supergirl doesn't mean we lost Mike Sekowsky but that's okay because here, Dick Giordano returns to the inking. The two paired well, even if the leading lady here looks just like Sekowsky's "Emma Peel" Wonder Woman. 

Writer Robert Kanigher had been around for 25 years or more and was about as old schools you could get but he was always one to embrace the new. Not sure if I've ever read how he reacted to Alex Nino's radically different artwork, however.

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