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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adventure Comics # 381, June, 1969

I have to tell you I was devastated back in '69 to find the Legion of Super-Heroes no longer had their own title as of this point. That said, though, I quickly warmed to this first ever full length SUPERGIRL story. Swan and Adams stay on the cover and Mortimer and Abel on the interiors but newcomer Cary Bates handles the script. It's a pretty good one, too, and when Superman shows up to ostensibly save the day, our heroine basically tells him she's got it.  Neat. Of course, then they have, of all people, Batgirl show up on the last page--after not even having been mentioned in the entire issue--to actually save the day. Ugh. Still a promising start to a few years of Maid of Might adventures.

After years of cutting pages rather than raising prices, it was time for another slight increase. They'd come much faster in the following years.

DC's jouse ads had taken a definite downturn compared to their glory days but I always liked the one below (in spite of the seeming illogic in highlighting DATE WITH DEBBI).

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