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Friday, December 7, 2012

Adventure Comics # 375, December, 1968

I remember wondering how even Superboy could rip the symbol off his costume and how lucky for Saturn Girl that hers seems to have just been stuck on.

I like DC's humor titles but they were anything but hip in spite of this ad.

I continue to enjoy the Win Mortimer artwork but not the larger panels. Overall, though, it was all downhill from here for the Legion series.

Captain Action had been around for several years by this point but finally got a villain as well as a revised sidekick. I called this new Action Boy costume with its pointless helmet, Action Bullet!

OH, NO!! Not a whole collection of those super-baby stories from ADVENTURE and the other Super-titles.

BAT LASH # 2, seen below, was a book I avoided at the time but in later years, picking up its short run, it became a favorite. In fact, Nick Cardy's cover of issue # 2, seen here, is one I often cite as my favorite Silver Age cover.

Many of DC's once great house ads were now fairly dull but a handful of titles like ANTHRO, THE CREEPER, ANGEL & THE APE and, seen below, Jay Scott Pike's DOLPHIN, were still very clever and creative.

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