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Friday, July 27, 2012

Adventure Comics # 250, July, 1958

A few issues back, we noted Jack Kirby's return to DC in a CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN ad. Here he returns to the pages of ADVENTURE COMICS for a brief but bizarre run on GREEN ARROW. This first one is still very Batman-esque but things get weirder. Come to think of it, things were getting weirder in BATMAN by this point in the late fifties, also.

SPACE RANGER!!! Well, not all the SHOWCASE heroes were JLA material. Still, this guy lasted  a few years in a couple of different titles. He just wasn't very memorable.

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  1. I'm not THAT easily offended, but wow: the Japanese Green Arrow. He's not just the usual stereotypical "Oriental" of the day, but a skinny little man who knows enough about martial arts to base trick arrows on them, yet screams like a little girl as his opponent, to his complete surprise, puts up a fight.

    Jeez, GA really swiped everything from Bats, didn't he? Arrowcar, Arrow Signal, now this "Batmen of All Nations" knock-off. Did Ollie ever have a butler? Was there an "Archie the Arrow-Hound," or an "Gorillarrow?"