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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adventure Comics # 113, February, 1947


A lovely holiday cover shows that this February-dated issue was actually on-sale in December. 
 The SUPERBOY Christmas story below was previously posted in its entirety last year on our Rondo-nominated FOUR COLOR SHADOWS blog and you can read it here. 

Aquaman vs Merman,a  fictional movie undersea hero who in at least one close-up vaguely resembles Timely's rival Sub-Mariner!

With BATMAN strips running in DETECTIVE, BATMAN and WORLD'S FINEST, Robin got his chance here with the start of a long-running solo series in STAR-SPANGLED COMICS. was supposed to be solo. After a while, even though the mostly Jim Mooney-drawn strip still kept the same title, Batman's appearances became more and more frequent. 

Peter Porkchops would later be co-opted by Roy Thomas as one of his odder Golden Age revivals, this one in CAPTAIN CARROT AND HIS AMAZING ZOO CREW, co-created with Scott Shaw! Peter became the superhero, Pig Iron.

 I'm sorry, what? Green Arrow and Speedy go up against a villain referred to as "The Clown Prince of Crime,"he has a white face, a pointed nose and a pointed chin, wild, oddly colored hair, and he's called...The Bull's Eye. Seriously??!! Does the Joker know about this fellow?

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