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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventure Comics # 81, December, 1942

With so many irons in the fire for Simon & Kirby--along with DC's insistence that the duo stockpile a year's worth of stories for their various series on the assumption they would be, like so many young men, drafted--it was probably inevitable that something had to go. In this case that something was MANHUNTER.
SANDMAN now had the cover as well as the lead spot and it was decided that that is the strip on which the pair would concentrate here while continuing to do BOY COMMANDOS and THE NEWSBOY LEGION for other DC titles.

MANHUNTER wasn't the only title losing its main creative force this issue. STARMAN lost the beautiful illustrative art of Jack Burnley. The good news is that, at least briefly, it was replaced with the differently impressive work of Mort Meskin and George Roussos (as Mort Morton, Jr and "Inky" Roussos).

MANHUNTER's new artist beginning here was Pierce Rice, a hit or miss artist who worked in various styles at various companies in thee forties.


Interesting to note in the back cover ad below the prominent placement of MUTT & JEFF!

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