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Monday, December 12, 2011

Adventure Comics # 36, March, 1939

 John Richard Flanagan is the new cover artist this time around and the inside front cover is now yet another of the Ripley's-style pieces, ADVENTURE EVENTS.

 Below is a half-page educational filler one would be unlikely to find in a "kid's comic" today.

 Okay, so I pointed out over the past few days that Fred Guardineer's art often seemed stiff and lifeless on the covers. Apparently, Editor Vin Sullivan agreed and Guardineer was quickly replaced. We also wrote of the increasing levels of violence in the title. Well, this issue's installment of Guardineer's ANCHORS AWEIGH may be the most explicitly violent story to yet appear! See below for just SOME of the violent panels from this issue. All from one six page story!

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