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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Adventure Comics # 340, January, 1966

Yet another seminal issue in LSH history, here we meet Brainiac 5's Computo who, in one form or another, influences the Legion continuity from here on out. Yes, in retrospect he looks kind of stupid but forget the visual if you have to--it's still a powerful story. Perhaps the most important part of the story is the death--in a way--of Triplicate Girl, cleverly done but not really given as much detail as it would seem to have called for.

Longtime cover artists Curt Swan and George Klein take over the interior art starting with this issue. Superboy creator Jerry Siegel scripts. 

Chic Stone art on this ad. The artist, best known for inking Kirby in early Marvels, popped up in quite  a few DC-only ads around this time as well as drawing the CAPTAIN ACTION mini-comic featuring both Marvel and DC heroes. 

A "marvel"ous ad, here, featuring Metamorpho, one of the characters DC felt was created in the lower-class style Marvel was somehow becoming so successful with--Note the unhip "hip" writing style.

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  1. hi - I just came across your blog the other day and it was a real trip down memory lane - especially issue 340 with the legion battling computo. it's one of the first comic books I ever owned. thanks for posting all this!