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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adventure Comics # 202, July, 1954

The Boy of Steel himself gets this issue's inside cover PSA, drawn by cover artist Win Mortimer.

Here's something we haven't seen so blatantly lately--proof that the Superboy stories are set in the (then) present day! This, of course, since every single SUPERBOY story says "The Adventures of Superman When He Was a Boy" would seem to indicate that SuperMAN's stories take place at least a decade in the future, let's say 1965. This mess just got worse as time went on.

Abbott and Costello were still making movies in 1954---for a little while longer--but most likely they appeared in this popsicle ad because of their TV popularity.

Speaking of TV, the GREEN ARROW strip takes a look at television's popularity by way of a criminals network. 

A sign of the times. Long a giant book at the elevated price of fifteen cents when everything else was a dime, WORLD'S FINEST had been cutting corners 'til they couldn't slice any more they took their two most popular features and teamed them up--BATMAN AND SUPERMAN.

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