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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adventure Comics # 138, 1949

Well here we are again with the splash and the cover duplicated although at least this time not exactly. A cute cover.

I can't believe how often they used this villain but here he is again! I ought to do a whole blog post on The Bull's-Eye's career!


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  1. In re-reading old Batman comic books I came across a story in Batman 139(April 1961)where the Signalman(whom Batman had beaten before)is in jail with a convict who said he was put there by Green Arrow.The convict said he was called Buul's-Eye-and he said he knew all about Green Arrow's trick-arrows.he said he had once tried to make similar arrows,but had been beaten by GA.Bull's-Eye taught the Signalman about the trick-arrows and a little later the Signalman re-emerged as the Blue Bowman and had a few run-in with Batman before he was beaten.(After a long stretch,he re-emerged as the Signalman in 1976.):-)